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About 80sCartoons

Thanks for your interest in 80sCartoons!

It began years ago, in 1998, when a girl called Claire began teaching herself web design while at Art College in Dundee. The internet was still a baby back then, and not many people visited her little home page. But those that did, always commented on her mention of her favourite childhood cartoons Trap Door and Superted. They would often ask her "Do you also remember [insert cartoon name]"? She felt obliged to add more, and soon the empire started to grow.

The website has gone through various re-designs, but has always retained the white/orange/blue colour scheme.

What is the future of 80sCartoons? Claire hopes it will be around forever, always serving as a reminder of those good-old-days when girls wanted to be She-Ra, jump on clouds with the Care Bears, and have a Little Pony as a friend. Boys, well they wanted to have a big sword like He-Man and ride around in the ThunderTank with Panthro. Never lose sight of those dreams!!


Claire x